Signal Processing - Geomage Signal Processing - Geomage
Geomage’s g-Platform delivers a wide range of signal processing modules required for 2D/3D seismic projects. Precision of algorithms, intuitive QC graphics, and fast performance allows the geophysicist to build the best processing sequences for each seismic data set while reducing human error to a minimum. To name a few:
Despike – module for removing strong energy based on a median threshold, defined in the frequency-space domain.

FDNA – Frequency Domain Noise Attenuation – suppresses noise bursts, spikes, air blast, ocean swell, and other noises.

LNA – Linear Noise Attenuation – models/suppresses linear energy within a defined velocity range.

Radon Gauss–Seidel – high-resolution radon – models/removes parabolic energy. Tau-P Deconvolution mode implemented for reverberation attenuation within this module. Designed to work with irregular acquisition geometries.

Adaptive Subtraction – module for energy subtraction that minimizes differences between the input data and the noise model (multiples or other).