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No, our software requires 64bit architecture. Please note the requirements section:

Requirements & Support

Our 30-day free trial license includes the full Time imaging package.

You could asses the might of MultiFocusing through our “Case studies” page.

Case studies

Yes, it has various modules, allowing to process off-shore as well as land data, including Radon, Tau-p deconvolution, SRME (surface-related multiple elimination) and others.

gPlatform installation package includes demo data in it. You could find it in “C:\Program Files (x86)\gPlatform\gPlatform_xxxx\demodata” folder

We definitely do. Head to our download form , in the automatic email you’ll receive upon its completion, you will find a link to offline setup package.

You can challenge our support team, send your question directly to support@geomage.com