Download g-Platform - Geomage Download g-Platform - Geomage

We invite you to download and evaluate Geomage g-Platform seismic processing software.

Please download it and get a 30-day fully functional trial license for complete 2D/3D seismic data time processing (does not include MultiFocusing Imaging modules).

Installation steps take few minutes and do not require sys-admin :

  1. Fill the contact form below. The online installer will start immediately. Check that your firewall and antivirus allow it to run. In case your internet connection is slow, you can download offline version from FTP account sent automatically to your email.
  2. Email us the license request code after installation completed (strange text showing after clicking ‘Request license’ button when first running the g-Platform).

Looking forward to hearing from you !

For downloading a trial version please complete a short form below