g-Platform™ – seismic data processing software

Geomage g-Platform™ is the most innovative, interactive and advanced software for processing and imaging seismic data of any type and format. The software based on latest developments in software and hardware technologies, can run Windows or Linux and deploy CPU and/or GPU power for calculations.

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    g-Space™ – structural interpretation software

    Geomage g-Space™ is an innovative and advanced structural interpretation and geological modeling software. It provide interpreters with complete set of tools for wise decision making about best exploration target.

    At this moment we are in the Beta testing stage and should release first version towards July 2021. To be first to install, please subscribe by clicking the button below.

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    g-Viewer™ – geophysical data visualization software

    Geomage g-Viewer™ is a visualization software for imaging geophysical data. The current version provide many instruments of looking, manipulating and QC of multiple seismic datasets in Seg-Y format. During next few months, we are going to add another plug-ins that will allow work with format such as Seg-D, LAS, SU and shape files.

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