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Geomage provides most accurate seismic data processing services with its proprietary MultiFocusing Imaging technology. Geomage MultiFocusing© imaging used successfully all across the globe for wide spectrum of different geological/geophysical conditions/problems:
  • Data interpolation and regularization
  • Structural seismic imaging
  • Unconventional seismic
  • Sparse/low-fold seismic
  • Wide/Full-azimuth seismic
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Before After unmigrated_structure_stack__small-e1622005552873unmigrated_diffraction_stack__small-e1622005583883

DIFFRACTION IMAGING (constrained by MultiFocusing)

MultiFocusing Diffraction© Imaging extracts from prestack seismic data a physical attribute related to disturbance of the wavefield. It can be successfully used by wide spectrum of applications within the exploration and/or production flow, such as:
  • Fracture detection
  • Salt body contouring
  • Fault detection
  • RMS velocity estimation