Refraction statics - Geomage Refraction statics - Geomage

Geomage’s g-Platform comes with interactive manual and robust semi-automatic first-break picking followed by model-free or layer-based refraction statics solution. This allows for very fast turnaround on seismic 2D/3D projects of any size.

Before After gPlatform__fb_picking_teapot_01 (1)gPlatform__fb_picking_teapot_03 (1)
First-break picking/tracking
  • Picking in any sorting domain
  • Apply LMO or LMO Trend function
  • User-friendly manual picking of first energy
  • Automatic local phase tracking (for later arrivals)
  • Tracking based on 4D Delaunay interpolation (x, y, offset, azimuth)
  • Picking in common offset-azimuth super-gather enhancement mode
  • Robust automatic picking extrapolation (tracking). Each picked shot covers area of entire patch (highly efficient for large 3Ds)
  • Apply filtering sequence within the picking process
Fast and robust non-linear solver
  • Global L1-norm inversion
  • Fast solving t0-model implementation based on {x, y, offset, azimuth} parameterization – macro model independent
  • Multi-iterative linear equations method
  • Surface consistency term (residual refraction statics)
  • Coordinate consistency term (especially effective for 4D processing on different geometries)
  • Offset dependent slope determination