Geomage provides most accurate seismic data processing services with its proprietary patented MultiFocusing imaging technology.

Geomage MultiFocusing© imaging used successfully all across the globe for wide spectrum of different geological/geophysical conditions/problems:
  • Data interpolation and regularization
  • Structural seismic imaging
  • Unconventional seismic
  • Sparse/low-fold seismic
  • Wide/Full-azimuth seismic

Geomage developed a highly effective Common Offset MultiFocusing (COMF)
technology for addressing many of today’s drilling challenges, regardless of data type, geology or type of acquisition. It enhanced existing zero-offset approximation solution (ZOMF or CRS stack / CRS seismic processing ) by more accurate description of time arrival and allows a complete preservation of amplitude, non-hyperbolic and azimuthal information. The method is successfully deployed for land and marine seismic and provides accurate 3D seismic imaging which is critical for successful well positioning.

Geomage Multifocusing© can be applied without prior knowledge of the subsurface model. The data describes itself and does not require the construction of user defined models that carry a high probability of error. In place of that MultiFocusing technology simultaneously scans numerous wavefront parameters and provide most accurate kinematic approximation of seismic wavefield which results in high quality results, even in areas with very poor seismic data quality.