Pricing plan : g-Viewer

Seg-Y plugin
6 months subscription
Single dataset
Any size seismic data visualization
Load geometry (from trace headers)
Location map view
Display of visible traces on location map
QC crossplot (for any 3 trace headers)
Trace header graph above seismic
Spectral analysis - single area
AGC / Bandpass
Edit/Save EBCDIC header
Edit/Save Bin header
Resample/Save Seg-Y dataset
Measurement ruler
Export to image format
Windows or Linux installation
Prestack QC
Seg-Y plugin
Annual subscription
All features of [Free] version
Multiple datasets
Interactive location map
Interactive QC crossplot
Trace header ranges
Spectral analysis – multiple areas
Common point gather view (CS / CR / CDP)
Interactive selection of CS / CR / CDP gather
Synchronized selected trace display
Display of visible traces on QC crossplot
Animation by CS / CR / CDP
Velocity line on prestack gathers
Scale bar on location map
Compass on seismic view
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more features to come… talk to us!