Pricing : g-Viewer

Seg-Y plugin
6 months subscription
Single dataset
Any size seismic data visualization
Load geometry (from trace headers)
Location map view
Display of visible traces on location map
QC crossplot (for any 3 trace headers)
Trace header graph above seismic
Spectral analysis - single area
AGC / Bandpass
Edit/Save EBCDIC header
Edit/Save Bin header
Resample/Save Seg-Y dataset
Measurement ruler
Export to image format
Windows or Linux installation
14 days trial of Prestack QC version
Prestack QC
Seg-Y plugin
300 $
Annual subscription
All features of [Free] version
Multiple datasets
Interactive location map
Interactive QC crossplot
Trace header ranges
Spectral analysis – multiple areas
Any common gather view ( CS / CR / CDP / ... )
Interactive selection of any common gather
Animation by any common gather
Synchronized selected trace display
Display of visible traces on QC crossplot
Velocity line on prestack gathers
Scale bar on location map -[?]
Region zoom map -[?]
3D view for post-stack volume -[?]
3D view for pre-stack data -[?]
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more features to come… talk to us!