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Data Enhancement

In many situations, increasing SNR of prestack seismic traces is requested. Typi­cal examples that are velocity model-building and prestack imaging. Wavefield parameters estimated by the Common Offset MultiFocusing (COMF) method can be used for prestack data enhancement, interpolation and regularization.
In this case application locally stacks prestack traces related to near offset/azimuth values along estimated COMF kinematics parameters. The fold and position of traces in the produced gathers can be defined by original geometry or regularised according to virtual acquisition pattern.
Before After 010_BenjaminCreek_original-300020_BenjaminCreek_comf-300
Before After 10_BenjaminCreek_COMF_pstm_640px10_BenjaminCreek_standard_pstm_640px
The result of the summation is assigned to the same surface location, offset, and source-receiver coordinates. Repeating this procedure for all desired points generates a new trace gathers that is called the COMF enhanced gather. Please review Case Studies taken from different projects we implemented worldwide.