Geomage has provided innovative processing solutions to the Oil and Gas industry for more than 15 years. Our patented technology and highly experienced staff help provide our clients with the best quality seismic processing service. Our mission is to improve seismic data images of all kinds with precision and accuracy, while taking into account limited time frames. Investing in research and development helps us to solve any processing issue while making the processing flow easier to deal with.
While deploying our proprietary MultiFocusing technology, we can solve the many seismic imaging challenges regardless to the type of acquisition – 2D, 3D, Onshore or Offshore.

Noise Attenuation – Noise issues have a great deal in affecting the interpretation and might provide an incorrect image of the subsurface. We offer our custom data processing applications as a solution to handle noise problems.

Signal Processing – Phase characteristics, amplitudes and frequencies are all important for the image content and interpretation. No matter what the challenge is, we have a variety of tools that help to shape the data’s character.

Multiple Attenuation – Multiples are a big difficulty when it comes to data processing. They are located under more than one reflection causing difficult to-interpret-seismic sections. Our multiple attenuation technique has proven to be an efficient solution to address these multiples and help to receive a better result.

Near–surface solution – Rugged topography and complex near surface layer are some of the important challenges that we face in seismic data processing.