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Seismic processing Software

Geomage g-Platform© offers a selection of modules and workflows designed to deliver optimal imaging solutions.
Academic and Research

Geomage is offering a non-commercial use licensing program for universities and academic institutions. This cost-reduced program for will allow students and researchers an easy access to high end software solutions. For further information, please contact us at with your research and education needs.

Geomage solutions support a complete utilization of parallel processing capabilities of GPU and multi-core CPU clusters. This allows a reduction in lengthy processing times and gives a competitive advantage to our clients by delivering faster turnaround for their business decisions.

Modern & Fresh

You can expect the best algorithms, fast operation on any operating system (including Linux, Windows and soon MacOS), superb project management tools, advance user interface, optimizes project cycle time and simplified user interaction with complex processing applications.

Easy Installation

Our Software can be download from the web and installed easily on any hardware configuration (CPU, GPU, Cluster or single user) and fully utilize all the allocated hardware.

Open for Business

Geomage g-Platform© is an open platform which handles all the graphics, data management and cluster support issues. This allows our research people to concentrate on developing algorithms, resulting in much quicker run times of new applications within the software.