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Seismic visualization software

Geomage g-Platform© is a unique imaging software for processing your seismic data. Our solutions are based on the latest developments in software and hardware technologies. An approach that allows you to concentrate on the processing and getting superb imaging results.

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In working with other seismic processing software packages, many times a user clicks and waits, sometimes short, sometimes long, sometimes very long amounts of time. It is very frustrating for users to not get a response to what they want to do.

Geomage gPlatform© provides a fast, interactive experience for processors of 2D and 3D seismic data sets.

Geomage g-Platform seismic data processing software provides user with many interactive features, creating a unique overall software experience:

  • Software Performance – when you click somewhere, something happens
  • Well-defined basic DB and Project Tree Structure
  • Multiple QC displays at all phases of processing
  • Full interaction between view windows
  • Easy cluster and jobs management
  • Complete history of processing sequence
  • One-click parallelisation of tasks to the cluster