Residual statics

2D/3D/4D Residual Statics Solution

Our strategy is surface-consistent and coordinate-based determination of static corrections corresponding to near-surface structure effects not compensated by refraction statics (both high and mid frequency statics). Highly effective parallel implementation allows the processor to reduce project turnaround time whenever precision and accuracy of Geomage residual statics algorithm increases the quality of the final product by stack-power maximization.

Our solution based on scientific, technological and implementation advantages listed below:

Model traces

  • At each CDP location
  • Super-gather / Dip composition
  • Construction by global L1-norm inversion
  • Flexible processing sequence
  • Cross-correlation

  • Stabilisation solution by multiple events
  • Auto-detection of anomaly values
  • Time / Space variant gate
  • Robust non-linear solver

  • Global L1-norm inversion
  • Multi-iterative linear equations method
  • Separation of terms for Low and High frequency statics
  • Robust surface consistency (no Trim term)
  • 4D statics (coordinate) consistency term
  • Optimisation

  • Multi-thread implementation of all statics steps
  • Massive cluster parallelisation (no overlapping artefact)
  • Storage optimisation – NMO / Processing on cluster side
  • I/O optimisation – RAM cache for input data
  • In addition to world-class algorithms, all our modules have extensive visual QC tools as can be seen on image below:
    SC residual statics