Seismic Data Processing Software 2D / 3D

Geomage g-Platform seismic data processing software provides user with many interactive features, creating a unique overall software experience:

  • Software Performance – when you click somewhere, something happens
  • Well-defined basic DB and Project Tree Structure
  • Multiple QC displays at all phases of processing
  • Full interaction between view windows
  • Easy cluster and jobs management
  • Complete history of processing sequence
  • One-click parallelisation of tasks to the cluster

  • Velocity analysis

    In working with other seismic processing software packages, many times a user clicks and waits, sometimes short, sometimes long, sometimes very long amounts of time. It is very frustrating for users to not get a response to what they want to do.
    Geomage gPlatform© provides a fast, interactive experience for processors of 2D and 3D seismic data sets.

    Project/workflow management