Fracture Detection

Geomage offers a new direct method to detect and characterize fractures and other small scale reservoir heterogeneities. The MultiFocusing Diffraction Imaging (MFDI) method is based on a new moveout time correction which adequately describes diffraction events. Optimal summation of the diffracted events and attenuation of the specular reflections allow creating an image containing mostly diffraction energy. The result of the MFDI is the full-azimuth seismic image which primarily contains optimally stacked diffraction events. Integration with petrophysical data sources provides calibration information specific to a prospect area. The diffraction cube contains important information identifying local heterogeneities and discontinuities in the subsurface. This information helps to optimize horizontal drilling and correct placement of exploration wells.
The MultiFocusing Diffraction Imaging method helps to:

  • Locate naturally fractured reservoirs
  • Avoid possible unwanted fluid pathways
  • Map sources of velocity anisotropy
  • Contour faults and salt bodies

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