Structural Interpretation Software

Geomage g-Space™ is a complete user-friendly and easy to learn geological interpretation software that allows thorough analysis of existing seismic and well data. It includes many graphical and interactive features that makes interpreter’s work more enjoyable, efficient and accurate. All that at most cost-effective pricing and world-class support.

Geomage g-Space™ software brings:

  • Horizon and Fault picking
  • Geological modeling
  • Map creation with faults
  • Well-tie and dynamic update
  • Well correlation
  • Velocity model based on checkshots and horizons
  • Simultaneous time/depth picking
  • complete demo project based on Teapot Dome data, provided by RMOTC and the U.S. Department of Energy as the data source

      Seismic interpretation

      Horizon picking with dynamic synchronization between all view and quick re-creation of horizons map

      3D visualization

      Accurate and fast 3D visualization of all sub-surface information of the project


      Well-tie setup allows to correlate seismic data with actual sub-surface data coming from the well-log used to create synthetic seismic log.

      Well correlation

      Well correlation allows to pick horizons along markers identified in well-log data

      Fault picking

      Fault picking and visualization