Geophysical Data Visualization and QC

g-Viewer™ software designed to visualize and qc multiple files in different geophysical formats. Current version includes:

  • load multiple Seg-Y files of any size
  • interactive location map and cross-plot for trace headers
  • manipulate and load geometry from trace headers
  • interactive selection of common shot/receiver/bin gather
  • editing text and bin headers
  • auto-update
  • coming soon : Seg-D, LAS, SU and other 

Interactive location map

Allows to visualize multiple data coordinates on interactive location map

Features related to visualization of multiple dataset locations available only in commercial version. The view includes following options:

  • Interactive selection of seismic dataset
  • Plotting all source,receiver, bin coordinates
  • Plotting selected trace
  • Plotting sources/receivers/bins visible on seismic view
  • Interactive selection of source/receiver/bin
  • Plotting traces related to selected shot

Seismic data view

Allows to visualize seismic data of any size

The g-Viewer reads only traces that can be actually visible on the monitor. That allows fast visualization of huge seismic datasets. Seismic data view comes with many options:

  • Showing seismic as wiggle and/or variable density
  • Zooming by dragging the axis, scrolling the mouse-wheel on the view or clicking zoom button on a toolbar
  • Scrolling the data by dragging pushed middle mouse button
  • Changing palette of seismic
  • Plotting trace headers above the seismic as a graph or values
  • Plotting legend and/or colorbar
  • Export view with in any predefined scale to image format with annotations
  • Applying band-pass, agc, gain
  • Several normalization modes: seismic/matrix/user-defined/automatic
  • Many more …

3D view

Allows visualization and selection of different seismic dataset on 3D scene

The view is available in commercial version and allow to plot 2D sections and 3D volumes. It include following options:

  • Interactive selection of the dataset
  • Interactive selection of inline/xline/timeslice
  • Zooming and moving of the scene
  • Changing color palette for individual dataset
  • Next to come: showing prestack/image gathers as a three dimensional volume

Coming soon

g-Viewer designed to be a visualization software for many formats of geophysical data

Currently Geomage team develops additional plug-ins that will allow load, visualize and manipulate:

  • Different versions of Seg-D format
  • Well information in LAS format
  • Map data in different grid formats
  • Geographic ASCII data
  • GIS Shape files
  • and more…

Multiple datasets

g-Viewer allow conveniently load and review multiple seismic datasets.

While free version allows load only single dataset each time, the commercial license allows to load and manipulate multiple seismic dataset. When related to similar survey, it becomes easy to compare different versions of same line and preserve zooming on the same area. Main options related to this feature are:

  • Bulk loading of multiple seismic data
  • Bulk loading of geometry from trace headers
  • Selection of seismic dataset from location map
  • Preserved zooming function when switching between different versions of same line
  • Coming soon:
    • Concatenation of several files 
    • QC of trace headers from multiple datasets on cross-plot view

QC prestack data

g-Viewer allows a quick QC of prestack data, geometry, spectra

The CS, CR and CDP gather views allows playing with gathers and qc the data. Some of the options available in commercial version only.

  • Animating thru common-shot gathers with predefined speed
  • Plotting linear velocity graph on the shot to allow geometry qc
  • Plotting any three trace headers on cross-plot view to locate different mistakes
  • Analyze spectra at any region of the data and compare to another
  • Etc…