Geomage g-Platform© is a unique imaging software for processing your seismic data. Our solutions are based on the latest developments in software and hardware technologies. An approach that allow you to concentrate on the processing of superb imaging results.

Velocity analysis

Main features of Geomage g-Platform© are:

  • Interactive and collaborative workflow design
  • Complete utilization of the hardware (CPU and GPU)
  • Multi-survey project management
  • Various seismic data formats(Seg-D, Seg-Y, …)
  • Interactive geometry application
  • Field and QC processing
  • Surface consistent deconvolution and phase correction
  • Multi-frequency surface consistent amplitude correction
  • Refraction statics, FB auto-picking
  • Surface consistent residual statics
  • Signal processing modules (FK, Cadzow, Tau-p decon …)
  • Multiple attenuation (2D/3D SRME, Radon)
  • Anisotropic Kirchhoff PreSTM (CPU and GPU)
  • Simple installation process on Windows or Linux
  • Auto-update of new versions
  • Job management support on clusters (UGE/SGE/Torque/PBS …)
  • Easy integration of 3rd party modules
  • Optimized data management and visualization
  • Inexpensive, innovative and constantly growing system